FAOS TV Productions is a German company that operates in Greece. Our office in Athens nestles in the heart of things at Syntagma square and provides the full range of services required for any demanding television production.

In cooperation with TeamFAOS, our Greek partners, we cover news events, produce feature stories and award-winning documentaries.



FAOS is not just another company. It's a place called home for some of the market's top freelancers. Our associates and crew members specialize in research, organizing and production and can guarantee high level support during filming. We are happy to assist all kinds of productions, from the smallest one to complex multi-territory shoots.

  • Research

    Having been in the industry since 1983 and thanks to our long list of contacts, we are able to speed up the research process and unlock doors.  We are experts in location scouting and can deliver anyplace or landmark whether it's the Eiffel Tower in Peloponnese, the Alpine Lakes in North West Greece or an illegal mosque in the centre of Athens.

  • Production

    Production is our middle name!  We support the planning and processing of your project from the early stages to a last minute request.

    We are able to carry out any demand, as long as it doesn't involve something fishy!

  • Crews

    Our english-speaking cameramen are familiar with the dark arts of editing and have learnt to think before pressing the rec button.

    They have been trained to avoid raving crowds and are always eager to take your production a step further.

    There's no doubt, these guys have what it takes to overcome any obstacle and make deadlines.

  • Editing

    We believe editing to be an equal creative part of a production.  Our in house editing suite (Avid) is fully equipped and is located next to the kitchen, where there is also ample coffee!

    As for our english speaking cutter, all we can promise is fast and furious results in a laid-back atmosphere.

  • Satellite Services

    In alliance with Fade Satellite Services we are able to offer Live Position in front of the Parliament or any other spot you may request.

    However, if you 'd rather go for the Classics then we suggest our roof top.  When mrs Eleni isn't trying to dry her washing, you can actually fill your screen with a breathtaking view of the Acropolis.


FAOS/φάος in ancient Greek means “light”, “hope”, and sometimes “rescue”.